This is not just the naïve dream of a handful of young musicians who want to make a stand against a centuries-old system of musical hierarchies. Far from it. Forces Majeures' members are on a permanent mission to define what they represent as members both of this ensemble and of society in general.

This collective was founded in 2014 upon two main principles:

  • shared DNA, since every member is principally engaged in chamber music, or music without a conductor.. 

  • common values – solidarity, good humour, a commitment to reflection - are the life-blood which has made our projects so bold and original: musical rambles, workshops for the young, outreach to audiences in remote areas, outdoor jamming sessions, concerts by candlelight or starlight, the Bike Tour...

The collective was born in the protected rural setting of the Ferme de Villefavard in the Limousin, which remains the orchestra's spiritual home..

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