A case of force majeure...
 first tour exclusively on bike


12 musicians


Mendelssohn: Symphony no. 1 for strings in C major 

Tchaïkovski: Andante Cantabile for cello & strings

Merlin: See : Sea & Seeds, Si ! -concerto for cello & strings

"All aboard!” Good humour and mobility, these are the values we defend as we go off to find our audience.

Excellent concerts and an urgent message in a friendly atmosphere!

It's summer, and it's getting hotter every year.  Les Forces Majeures are pedalling northwards.  Every morning we cycle 30-50 kilometres, and every evening we give a concert in a place of particular beauty or significance.  A carbon neutral tour, a musical trek, a quirky creative adventure, an itinerant civic forum, combing the countryside to enjoy its fruits whilst exploring together the great questions of our time: in the face of the alarming disappearance of our eco-systems, and of global warming, what should we think? What can we do?  Can music help us?


We give our concerts in churches, halls, cinemas, but also in schools, hospitals, prisons, farms and factories.

An initial programme conveys the youthful spirit of Mendelssohn, Tchaikovsky's hedonism and the premiere of a work by Raphaël Merlin, whose title - “See : Sea & Seeds.  Si!” - exhorts us to take heed, and to take action, as we remember the vital importance of the oceans and of a farming system which pays attention to what it plants.

We plan to include jazz, baroque and vocal music programmes if the size and success of the tour allows.

Before and after the concerts

Wherever we give a concert, we always offer events for children, tasting and sales of local products, drama workshops and documentary film showings (“Tomorrow”, “The Day after Tomorrow”, “Think global, act rural”, “L'éveil de la permaculture”, etc) with debates afterwards.  
Our one objective?  To raise awareness of ecological questions.  
Our one constraint? To bridge divisions by maintaining an atmosphere of joy and good humour.